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The Australian Institute of Urban Studies – South Australia (AIUS SA) is a forward looking, independent, not-for-profit, member-based organisation that exists to provoke rich conversation, deep discussion and rigorous debate about urban life in Adelaide and South Australia.

Our membership is broad and balanced and includes individuals and corporate members from the public, private, not-for profit and academic sectors. Our members have qualifications and expertise in urban planning, law, design, industrial design, business, health, sustainability, industry and policy amongst many others. As such, the AIUS SA provides a unique and diverse view on South Australia’s urban and regional future.

With our members and partners we identify the key urban challenges facing Adelaide and South Australia. We explore the current and emerging opportunities and the ways we can create and build a more sustainable and prosperous city and State.

To shape the conversation, discussion and debate about urban life in Adelaide and South Australia, we engage through a range of platforms including forums, seminars, events, essays, briefings, submissions and social media.




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451 Pulteney St, Adelaide, 5000 South Australia